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Targeted Approach | Preventing Patient Scheduling Crisis

Posted by Vital Interaction on 11/20/17 12:00 PM

In today’s healthcare environment, efficient patient communication and scheduling are of vital importance. In a nutshell, having a strategic, streamlined scheduling system in place is key to reducing no-show rates, improving patient satisfaction, and keeping providers’ schedules full.

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Patient Reminder Messages | Vacations | Holidays

Posted by Vital Interaction on 11/6/17 3:54 AM

The holidays are closing in, which means many medical practices will be closing to enjoy time with their families and to celebrate the reason for the season: the gift of life.

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Jop Opening | Careers | Dev Ops Engineer | System Administration

Posted by Vital Interaction on 3/8/17 9:00 AM

Dev Ops Engineer/System Administration

Vital Interaction
Headquarters: Austin, TX

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Quick Message Tool | Tools

Posted by Vital Interaction on 2/1/16 9:00 AM

Now you can send customized one-off messages to some or all of patients in your schedule. This has been our most highly-requested feature for the past few months, so we’re very happy to announce that it’s launched!

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Preventative Care Reminders | Meaningful Use | Stage 2

Posted by Vital Interaction on 1/15/15 9:00 AM

Medical practices receive an incentive through a Medicare incentive program for adopting and successfully demonstrating meaningful use (MU) of certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT). In addition, they face payment penalties beginning in 2015, if they haven’t begun implementing the program. They have known about this requirement since at least 2010 when stage 1 of this three-stage program was rolled out. Yet, according to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), as of July 2014, less than 1,000 eligible providers (EPs) had successfully attested to stage 2.

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Patients Engagement | Text Messaging

Posted by Vital Interaction on 8/6/14 9:00 AM

Is that your phone buzzing? If you’re regularly using text messaging, you’re among 72% of American adults who prefer this method of communication. Is your healthcare practice taking advantage?

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