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Reports | Tracking Patient Engagement 

Posted by Marc Coppedge, Account Manager at Vital Interaction on 2/5/18 8:39 AM

In recent posts, our team has discussed the importance of employing a patient communication system that works for your medical practice.

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Promoting Patient Engagement | Care Coordination Tool 

Posted by Marc Coppedge, Account Manager at Vital Interaction on 1/13/18 12:31 AM

The Vital Interaction™ Care Coordination Tool combines clinical data analytics with our proven communication strategies to promote improved patient engagement.

Most of us in the healthcare industry have heard—and likely on more than one occasion—that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In a nutshell, preventive care is vital to maintaining good health.

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Patient Engagement Essentials | Hard-to-Reach Patients

Posted by Kyla Trainor, Enterprise Sales Executive, and Courtney Clyburn, Sales Development Representative at Vital Interaction™ on 1/9/18 9:37 AM

Communicating with and engaging hard-to-reach patients requires these four patient engagement essentials.

When it comes to managing a successful practice, effective patient engagement and communication are paramount. It’s impossible to run a practice—let alone build meaningful doctor-patient relationships—if you’re unable to reach and engage patients.

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Measuring Patient Engagement

Posted by Lawson Boothe, Co-founder and COO of Vital Interaction on 10/2/17 9:20 AM

Over the past eight years, I have read and heard countless perspectives on patient engagement—especially best practices for measuring it.

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