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Practice’s Reminder Email Messages | Optimization

Posted by Drew Butler, Sales Development Manager on 1/27/18 8:39 PM

When was the last time you evaluated the reminder emails your medical practice sends to patients?

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Topics: reminder messages, email reminders

Reminder Software | Patient No Show Rates

Posted by J. Taylor Foreman, Business Developer at Vital Interaction™ on 11/27/17 9:35 PM

There is a wide variety of reasons why patients fail to show for their appointments.

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Topics: reminder messages, no-show rates

Appointment Cancellations | Greenway | PrimeSuite

Posted by Drew Butler, Sales Development Manager on 11/13/17 12:56 AM

Imagine this scenario: You send a patient a reminder message to confirm his appointment, and he opts to ‘cancel appointment.’ Your staff is then left with the task of cancelling the appointment in your practice management system.

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Topics: reminder messages, Greenway® PrimeSuite®, appointment cancellation

Patient Reminder Messages | Vacations | Holidays

Posted by Vital Interaction on 11/6/17 3:54 AM

The holidays are closing in, which means many medical practices will be closing to enjoy time with their families and to celebrate the reason for the season: the gift of life.

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Topics: reminder messages

Automated Patient Reminder Messages

Posted by Chris Gowell, Product Manager of Vital Interaction on 10/9/17 9:28 AM

The ability to automate patient reminder messages, or appointment reminders, is certainly a favorite communication software feature among medical practice administrators today. In a nutshell, automated reminders save significant amounts of time and money—two commodities that seem to be increasingly more difficult to secure in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment.

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Topics: patient reminders, reminder messages

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